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Optimizing Winter Camping Gear Presented by MSR

Mountain Safety Research will be on hand with solid snow camping insights that give you the confidence to spend winter nights in the backcountry. They will talk about the necessary gear and how to optimize it—from tents to stoves and hydration—as well as share tips for building a great campsite in the snow, all to ensure you have better days and nights in the winter wilds.

Start: Thu Feb 7th 4:30pm

End: Thu Feb 7th 6:00pm

Advanced Decision Making and Forecasting with EXUM Mountain Guides

This seminar is designed for any backcountry skier or rider that wants to learn more about using the avalanche forecast and available data so they can personalize it to their own tour. Learn what the guides and pros look at for information and how they apply it to terrain, risk, the group, the environment and their up coming tour.

Start: Fri Feb 8th 4:30pm

End: Fri Feb 8th 6:00pm

Route finding using modern day technology with Mark Smiley presented by SUUNTO

Want to go somewhere new but not spent the first two hours of your adventure wandering around lost in the wood? IFMGA Mountain Guide and ArcTeryx Athlete, Mark Smiley, will teach you ways to leverage the power of the Internet, smartphone and your Suunto watch to make the process a breeze.

Start: Sat Feb 9th 4:30pm

End: Sat Feb 9th 6:00pm

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